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    jacadcaps wrote:
    For a long time Scout has been a tool that most amigans have used, but it's grown old and is mostly AOS3.1 centric. It also requires one to install a handful of external MUI classes. And finally, it doesn't display infos about MorphOS' internals.

    Here is what I'm proposing:
    - A totally new application with a UI similar to Scout
    - Runs with a standard MorphOS installation
    - A peek into kernel internals of exec, intuition, dos
    - An ability to show certain system lists in context (processes/tasks/windows as a tree)

    Target: 200 euro.

    Let me know what you think and what features you'd like to see so that I could come up with a more detailed list before officially launching the bounty.

    Sounds good, there are some good features of XOpa too which could be considered (listing screens comes to mind, which is missing from Scout). Will be a few weeks before I can contribute, but will certainly do so.

    On a closely related note, I'd also love to see Snoopium updated (Having seen Snoopy on OS4.1 a while back, I see it drills down into much more detail within each function). There may be some duplication of work there, so could be worth considering alongside.

    Most especially though, I'd like to see the facility added to execute commands/scripts from particular combinations of 'process name', 'action', and 'target name'.
    That would turn Snoopium from an (incredibly useful, but passive) observer into a wonderfully flexible system tool.

    Bounty hunters, name your price on that last one. :)

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