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    For me, personally, on my Powerbook, Mac Mini and PowerMac G5 hardware I have Mac OSX boot as either as a dual-boot system with MorphOS or on its own, so I use the Mac OS sometimes, but I cannot remember using the Exposé feature at all.

    For MorphOS I either use the top right corner screen/screenbar right-click option of changing from one screen to another - which is simple, or I use the LCmd + X (I changed it from LCmd + M via Prefs - as the X is right next to the LCmd key), and so it's just a quick press of each key simultaneously, in fact I can do it with just 1 finger - by flexing/bending the joint of usually my index finger, and I can go from one screen to the next, to the next, etc. in very rapid succession, or I could use SCube if I wanted to show that gimmick to anyone, but I prefer the simplicity, and super quick screen changing via LCmd+X to do that.

    I don't use the Lucy commodity at all either, as I don't find it useful for me.

    If everyone else was in favour of supporting Exposé features then if it worked out at about 10 Euros each registered user, then I'd be prepared to pay that amount to add it to the functionality, but do we really need it?

    I'd much prefer to get JavaScript leaks fixed in OWB rather than anything else for now, unless that has already been done for v3.10?

    After JavaScript being fixed in OWB, I'd next like to see Libre Office running on our OS, rather than some other Exposé 'gimmick'.

    Hey, that's just my opinion, others may find your offer to be money well spent, but for me I don't really need that functionality/gimmick - especially when the overheads are as demanding as you've outlined on the hardware. Just my 2 cents / Euros. ;-)

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