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    I've been thinking about this for a couple of years now, but after a recent discussion on ppa.pl, I'd finally like to propose a bounty for Expose-alike functionality on MorphOS.

    What would be included:
    - A view in which all windows would be presented on a screen, zoomed out so that one could easily distinguish between them
    - A view that'd only present windows of the currently active application
    - The window previews would update live
    - Lucy-alike functionality built into system

    - Would require at least a Radeon R200 (some functionality might need an R300)
    - Would only work on Enhanced Display, hi-color screens (no CLUT support)
    - Would only work on cards with accelerated 2D and 3D support
    - The Lucy-alike functionality would have the same requirements as Lucy

    The project requires changes in layers.library, intuition.library as well as a standalone application to do the actual Expose-magic. That's quite a bit of work. I'd first need to do the layers/intuition changes, so that the app could be released later independent of an OS update.

    I'm offering to do this work if you guys raise 1k eur.

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