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    Gl4es allows a quick port of the IrrLicht engine

    That wasn't quick, that for sure. There were lots of issues to fix before release (and many inside of Irrlicht too) as well as some inside of gl4es itself, as well as some in ogles2/warp3dnova.

    But as I wrote in that news-post, I managed to build it even for MiniGL, and it was kind of working: much slower than over gl4es/ogles2/warp3dnova, have rendering issues, crashes, some parts just didn't run and all that stuff, but point is that if one will just take my version from here: https://github.com/kas1e/Irrlicht, which contain already all fixes, it can be pretty easy to build MorphOS version. With all the fixes which in the repo already, it should be really "quick" for MorphOS port too (through probably TinyGL will bring limitations of course, but as it was always faster than MiniGL, then it can be kind of ok in some parts .. but no shaders, etc, something will just not works).

    But then, if you don't plan to make a game over it, then there is not much REALLY polished open-sourced games. HCraft, SuperTuxKart & Minetest (Minecraft clone). There is also some IrrLamb game, but that one not that polished that worth of porting.
    Night Of The Zombies I just by some luck got the closed-sources from the author.

    When it comes to closed-source games used Irrlicht, there are many, very well polished, quality, and stuff. But no source code :) Sure its good to have some engine on Amiga-like, just we have no users anymore who will for real use it and make native os4/mos/aros games for.

    I for myself doing that only of interest to improve gl4es/ogles2/warp3dnova and having just some things to learn. Not that its "hey, million games now coming!" :) So to have it for MorphOS will of no help to improve gaming experience much, but if anyone will in interest to spend time on, my branch on GitHub can be used easily.

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