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    Spectre660 wrote:
    Would it be practical or possible to tweak the old TinyGl engine ?


    Samurai_Crow wrote:
    The WebGL standard is based on OpenGL-ES 2+ and the parts missing from ES can be mostly added from a software patch called GL4ES. The possibility of Vulkan would be better but there's not much open source to leverage apart from Google's GL-ES compatibility module to run on Vulkan, Mesa and DirectX 11. TinyGL seems to be hopelessly obsolete by comparison.

    It's been discussed. Mark Olsen has said he'd like to enlist Michal "Keiro" Wozniak in anything like a major overhaul.
    In the past, Frank Mariak, Keiro and Bigfoot would have been the primary MorphOS developers for something like this.

    If they are serious about a move to X64, something more advanced than TinyGL would be a nice development.
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