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    Bastiaan wrote:
    - Encore game engine by Encore Games
    Closed source, nonavailable to public. I emailed them some time ago, with the request to open source their technology. But I haven't received an answer.

    Really? I am sorry for no answer. :( However I don't remember any mail with question about my micro-engine.

    I’ve developed Encore Engine since 2007 but it also uses various sources/ideas which I written between 2000-2007. During last 2 years I redesigned/reimplemented almost whole engine and currently I am finishing the refactor. The engine is very simple and requires: old OpenGL 1.4 (TinyGL), C++, SDL 1.2. I am going to remove the SDL in the future because I use only several functions from the library. Additionally I created plugins necessary for export 3D data from Blender to files in format supported by my engine. Currently I support: MorphOS, iOS, macOS, Win32 (probably - I don’t use Windows). If I had more time, I could port it to: AmigaOS4 (small effort), Linux (small effort), Android (medium effort). Now I am focused on: MorphOS, iOS and macOS because I prefer and use these platforms. The engine is my hobby and it is created only for my projects. I added to the engine what I need and how I want. I don’t want create easy to use and scriptable engine. It should be comfortable for me and my projects. :)

    I have alpha-version of one simple indie-game based on the engine. Whole basic mechanic works. The alpha-version doesn’t contain any graphics (instead of real objects I use temporary place-holders). Development of the game currently is frozen because I am redesigning/reimplementing engine. However on the beginning of 2017 I am going to back to the game and adapt it to the Encore Engine 4.0.

    I will not open the sources because I am not able to support developers which would use the engine. My free time is very limited and I can’t use the time for support other projects. I develop my projects with veeeeery low speed. It is my hobby, I love it and I “waste” each piece of free time for this. :) I am still going to release some projects for MorphOS/iOS/macOS. I hope I will be able to finish the ideas soon…

    Greetz (and sorry for my weak English)!

    Mariusz “MDW” Włodarczyk
    Encore Games
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