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    acepeg wrote:
    Yes of course. :-) the way is to offer a such a machine to bigfoot :-)


    I don't understand what "offer such a machine" means in the above sentence. I am sure that Bigfoot already has many MorphOS capable machines, as well as x86/x64 systems, which allow him to work on any part of the existing PPC version of MorphOS, as well as the future x64 compatible version of MorphOS, and probably several different compatible video cards, to test out new 3D drivers, and/or improvements to TinyGL, or full support of a newer version of OpenGL.

    I have already donated and shipped to Bigfoot a G5 PowerMac (not sure it is still in use, as it might have had some problems after shipment to Africa from the USA, IIRC), and a good friend of mine, Jim, has donated several video cards to both Bigfoot, and Frank.

    That being said, I would be happy to donate more gear, or bounty money, toward the improvement of 3D support for MorphOS. Maybe if we are lucky, better 3D support will come with the x64 version of MorphOS, but those are two completely different and unrelated things.

    Edit: As for Pizza, I don't think that an automated Pizza machine that gives you a Pizza in 3 minutes, is something I would want to eat. It probably is full of preservatives and other things not healthy for you.

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