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    amigadave wrote:
    Sounds great to me. I'll also donate to this bounty

    Super! And good to hear that other people are interested in this port too.


    amigadave wrote:
    Did you already check for dependencies?

    I don't think it has that many exotic dependencies. There are the standard libs OpenGL, zlib, libpng etc. but I haven't found any real showstoppers yet. I'm fully aware that there currently is no shader support on Morphos, according to the features of Irrlight it has a rendering engine for OpenGL 1.2-4.x. So I think it is technically possible to connect it to the current feature set of MorphOS's TinyGL (Based on OpenGL 1.2) implementation.

    For Linux compiling the dependencies are listed here i think:

    Irrlight Linux dependencies


    A Siegel wrote:
    This is a very generous offer but what is your ultimate objective here?

    The objective is to have a complete free 3D game engine on MorphOS. Irrlight supports a wide range of texture and mesh file formats out-of-the-box:

    Source: Irrlight Features

    Let say you want to engage in (3D) game development on MorphOS, then these are the options i found:

    - Native
    Write your own game engine using C(++) and make hard calls to TinyGL. This is nice, but you are re-inventing the wheel. Also this is the most time consuming option and ofcourse not every C(++) programmer is a hardcore *GL coder.

    - SDL 1.2
    Here you have basic user input, timers etc. But it is not a game engine.. and there is still a lot of complex *GL code to be written for a complete 3D game.

    - SDL 2
    Same as SDL 1.2 besides that the port is still under development. The current port has no 3D support yet.

    - Love2D
    Great engine, but targeted for 2D game development.

    - Antiryad Gx
    I think this is a good cross platform engine, but commercial...

    - Amidark engine
    Development ceased?

    - Encore game engine by Encore Games
    Closed source, nonavailable to public. I emailed them some time ago, with the request to open source their technology. But I haven't received an answer.

    Bottom line, there is no free open source 3D game engine currently available on MorphOS. Correct me if i'm wrong and this is the reason is started this bounty. I think Irrlight is a great engine and addition to the MorphOS community.

    I noticed SuperTuxKart uses Irrlight, but as all forums about this port are in German it's very hard to get some more information about it.

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