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    Work completed deserves being paid for, especially when the functionality of the port was compromised by Spotify, and so was not your fault at all it seems. In any case you've done lots of other useful ports for games, and I hope the Arx Libertatis gets completed, or maybe you would release a completed version if you feel the payment of the bounty warrants you to do that. 8-D

    I'm not at all interested in such ports as I don't feel the necessity to download music, or 'Tweet', or similar kind of online 'life', notwithstanding requiring a useable web-browser, which is 'de-rigueur' for this modern life, but I know there are plenty of people who do.

    I'd rather see someone come up with a software solution for a complete office package that's fully useable with other OS's, which I believe is far more important to the whole community of MorphOS users than downloading music, etc.

    As I believe someone once said ' let's stay focused on the steak, and not the peas' (or something like that). ;-)
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