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    It's been a bit more than a month since I last posted, and obviously my last prediction didn't come true. The remaining 1.24/1.25 bugs were quite a bit tougher to debug than I had expected, but we're getting closer, and it's ready for the first round of public testing.

    First the caveats:

    1) This still only has the first level JIT enabled, as the second level still needs some debug work. The first level of JIT is not super fast compared to the non-JIT version, so it won't feel super snappy compared to before. Don't expect miracles.

    2) Some things might still be broken. If you discover things that don't work with the JIT version, but do work with the non-JIT version, please let me know. Let me just emphasise that I can't do anything about things that also don't work with the non-JIT version right now, so I'm only looking for reports of things that work with the non-JIT version but don't with the JIT version.

    3) You need OWB 1.25 (from MorphOS 3.11) already installed. Extract the archive in your OWB directory, and then run OWB-JIT to test the JIT version.

    And then the link: https://bigfoot.morphos-team.net/test/OWB-JIT.lha

    I'm not done working on this, and there will be more updates in the future, hopefully with the second level JIT enabled as well at the very least. However, I will be unable to do any work on OWB for the next 3-4 weeks, so any further updates will happen in the second half of August at the earliest.

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