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    > My thought is that all of code that relates to TenFourFox
    > may be useful to developers for OWB, as a reference

    I don't think this is the case. As the browser components are heavily intertwined, being able to use code from one browser for another browser based on a completely different code base is more the exception rather than the rule, even as reference.

    > the whole code that Cameron Kaiser has worked on, as he may be
    > sympathetic to our cause as there are not so/as many PPC systems
    > left to utilise any PPC code, let alone his PPC code

    TenFourFox is written in C++, not in "PPC code". Exceptions to this are the JavaScript JIT compiler and AltiVec/VMX vectorizations of some decoders (audio/video, images etc.).

    > I am not [...] unsure as to whether it makes any sense or not

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