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    NewSense wrote:

    ASiegel wrote: Surely there is also no harm in asking Bill Gates for the Windows source code.

    My thought is that all of code that relates to TenFourFox may be useful to developers for OWB

    With regard to Odyssey, it is generally not.


    as a reference, AND , as Andreas_Wolf has since pointed out

    Unlike you, I already knew the license as well as the fact that it is based on Firefox (ESR). The Firefox sources have always been open.


    but the whole code that Cameron Kaiser has worked on, as he may be sympathetic to our cause as there are not so/as many PPC systems left to utilise any PPC code, let alone his PPC code, and he may like to see it still get utilised by others, and offer us some help in understanding it, implementing it for our benefit, considering all the hours of hard work he must have put in to get it to where it is now, rather than he see it end up in the digital data wasteland, that is becoming larger year by year.

    If you would like to see Cameron Kaiser's work be used on other platforms, please feel free to find volunteers who will port Firefox / TenFourFox to MorphOS. Before you do, you might want to try it on MacOS first, however.


    I am not, and I feel you must be in the same position - unsure as to whether it makes any sense or not, to ask the question, because if it is not asked how can anyone know if the question was worth asking or not until it has been asked? :-?

    You did not ask a question. If you had asked "Is there any value in the TenFourFox source code with regard to MorphOS?", that would have been perfectly fine.

    Instead, you specifically addessed the MorphOS development team and requested that they use their personal free time to contact another developer simply because you instinctively felt that it must be a good idea...
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