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    NewSense wrote:
    Surely it wouldn't do any harm for someone from the MorphOS Development Team to approach Cameron Kaiser, if he's still the main maintainer and person to offer any useable assistance with TenFourFox, to be able as the legal owner of such code, and offer any agreement to authorise the MorphOS Development Team to utilise such code.

    Surely there is also no harm in asking Bill Gates for the Windows source code. Unfortunately, it would yield about as much results.

    You cannot just use the Javascript interpreter / compiler from one web browser and "bolt" it on to a completely different web browser engine. If it was easy, you can rest assured that internetzel would have done it by now.

    Considering that another Javascript JIT compiler has already been in development for MorphOS and should become available in the foreseeable future, as stated in this very discussion thread, what would be the point in starting work on porting another one? I am sorry but what you are proposing makes no sense.
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