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    bigfoot wrote: ... working on the OWB JIT project, the source code I had available was for OWB 1.23, so that was the version my work was based on. I've successfully implemented the JIT for OWB 1.23, and as far as I can tell, it works without any hiccups.

    That's the version I use, as the OWB v1.24 that was released with MorphOS v3.10 just doesn't, for me at least, "cut the mustard"/work well, and on some websites it works a lot worse on than v1.23 does, so for me I'd like to get to use the v1.23 initially as/when you feel happy to let us all have a go with that. 8-D

    bigfoot wrote: Next step has been (and still is) making the JIT code work with OWB 1.24........ My hope is that some time next week, I can release a version of OWB 1.24 with JIT enabled for public testing.

    You've certainly worked efficiently to have made such progress in such a short space of time .... SuperMan ... err. SuperMark 8-D

    bigfoot wrote: Please note, however, that this public test will only have the first level of JIT enabled. In my own tests, the first level of JIT is about 3 times as fast as the non-JIT version in a graphical Javascript test. The second level of JIT is still on my to-do list.

    You the Man !! :-)
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