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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Many credit English [...] as having [...] roots as so called "romance" languages,
    > but there is a strong German influence there

    There's a strong German influence in the English language because English is a Germanic language, not a Romance language.

    Good point, English is sort of a "mutt", born in part from the Anglo Saxon period, but with influences from the later Anglo Norman period (which explains the French influence)
    So there are common points with the so called "Romance" languages (although some of these might reflect Germanic influences as well).
    For a country that prides itself on its independence, it seems to have been occupied a fair number of times (from the days of Roman occupation on).

    But that still doesn't tell me anything about the roots of the Polish language.
    And I actually was interested in that.
    Its one of the countries we didn't focus on in our educational system (actually, there were a lot of those).

    Edit - So...why ask for education from you guys when I can just Google it? Fascinating, quite along history, and a Slavic base for the language (which explain why it sounds like Russian to me).

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