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    Intuition wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Transferring the Personal Data (Email address, name) of the people who
    > funded the bounty could quite possibly be illegal under GDPR without the
    > explicit consent of each person in question. At the very least it's a grey area.

    That‘s what I think as well, see my comment #45 and the solution suggested therein.

    Ah sorry, I didn't notice your comment Andreas.

    With Wiktor being an individual rather than an organisation it may be ok, but with money being transferred and collected for a particular purpose and work being commissioned this muddy the waters somewhat and it could be considered a commercial contract.

    edit: Would be more straightforward for everyone concerned if each person was refunded and then Papi started another bounty with the same goal and solicited new donations.

    Gee, the fact that Wiktor is just an individual has finally sunken in, and yet you are still fixated about what might be illegal. Now
    you're invoking the GDPR.

    Must make doing things like creating an office pool to buy a gift really complicated for people over there if a law intended for companies is applied to casual endeavors.

    I start the collection, turn it over someone else, and the police arrest me for providing a list of who donated. Horrifying. ;-)

    In any case, Wiktor has already resolved to try to handle the returns himself, and I'm sure he'll manage to figure out handle the remainder even if it means holding it indefinitely.

    Oh, and kudos to Andre for cleaning up the thread and putting it back on track.

    RAh America!

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