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    Jim wrote:

    pampers wrote:
    This is going to far. I'm off for short hols and when I get back I will sort this out. I will contact bigfoot is he able to deliver within let's say a month and if not I will try to reach every donor (mission impossible but will try) and refund them. Then they can do with their money whatever they want.

    Sound reasonable, Wiktor.
    Sorry for all the complications resulting from you trying to do a good deed.

    Your resolution seems like the only realistic course.
    You haven't stated what you intend to do with the funds that remain should you not be able to contact everyone, but unlike some postings here I'd never insinuate that you'd do anything untoward with it.

    I have a good idea of who I can trust, and after dealing with you for a few years, I trust you and your judgement completely.


    koszer wrote:
    As far as I'm concerned, Bigfoot earned my share well, by his hard work. My humble donation may go straight to him, unless it's simplier for you to do a refund.

    P.S. It's really sad that this good initiative ends up like that. (post)Amiga world... always melodaramatic... :(

    Melodramatic...yep, that about sums it up.
    For once I'm not even addressing Andreas' response, the insinuation that he made that my comment was directed at anyone other than him and Nicholas is beneath him.

    Honestly, is anyone here foolish enough to think that a simple bounty project for a hobbyist project would result in complications with the legal system?
    We have more lawyers per capita in the United States than any other country in the world, and we have a very litigious society, and still..something like this would leave those in our legal system shaking their heads or outright laughing.

    The only real lesson here appears to be to leave bounty programs to people or organizations with experience (like Papi) and a clearly stated policy.

    Putting the transfer of the funds to Mark without completion of the work to one side for a moment.

    Transferring the Personal Data (Email address, name) of the people who funded the bounty could quite possibly be illegal under GDPR without the explicit consent of each person in question. At the very least it's a grey area.

    You want to open Wiktor up to possible trouble just because "America, rah!"?
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