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    >WebKit uses the JavaScriptCore engine (JIT compiler and interpreter), which contains the trademark. As Oracle doesn‘t seem to take offence with that, it‘s unlikely that they would...

    Thanks for the clarification. I just don't trust the company.
    Might just be bias, but Sun (alone) felt more like a partner and Oracle...keeps reminding me that everyone is just a licensee.

    >I'll also voice my wish that Wiktor/Pampers, would return to the MorphOS community.

    Well, his dissatisfaction seems not have been aimed at the OS itself, but more with a problem that dates back to our 68K history, the dearth of software available to us.

    One thing I remember quite clearly was his willingness to always explore the best hardware he could find for the OS.
    That, in part, exacerbated my dissatisfaction with my spotty memory in that when Andreas reminded me that the hi-res PowerBooks had 128MB of VRAM I had to slap my forehead.
    Because when the supplier Wiktor bought his from didn't offer a good shipping option to him, he had it shipped to me first and then I re-shipped it to him...with a weekend's delay to try it out. ;-)

    Really nice system, really good guy, and his explorations of new hardware kept me informed about what worked best, from upgraded G5 processors, to the hi-res Powerbook, to the X5000.

    But what we need to remember is that Pamper's dissatisfactions weren't based on our hardware, or its expense, it was the lack of software (at least that is the impression I got, I could be wrong, but if I am I can always count on our indexer to remind me where).

    Anytime we're focused on the OS, its features (current, desired, or targeted), or our supported hardware, I'm reminded of discussions with Wiktor about the software issue.

    Obviously JIT JS is important to the creation of a more functional browser, but a good browser is only one thing we need. Kudos to Andre for his efforts, editing is also vitally important, and there are so many other types of productivity related software we lag in.

    At the end of the last century, the problem was software availability. Twenty years later, its still the lack of software.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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