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    >>>>> considering who is working on it

    >>>> Is anybody?

    >>> Yep, there was somebody working on it

    >> I take this as a 'no' to my question whether anybody is working on it.

    > I know who was

    Everybody knows who was (as opposed to ‚is‘), it‘s right in this very thread after all. Hence my question (not necessarily directed at you) still stands: Is anybody?

    >>> Maybe they're worried about being sued by Oracle.

    >> Who is "they"? And what has Oracle to do with anything this thread is about?

    > a Java free environment would be preferable to me

    A JavaScript JIT compiler is no less Java-free than a JavaScript interpreter.

    > rather than one in which Oracle collects licensing payments from everyone for the API

    Oracle collects licensing payments for the JavaScript API? Where can I read up on this?
    What Oracle apparently does is going after software that uses Oracle‘s "JavaScript" trademark in a way that Oracle deems confusing:


    However, a trademark is not an API, and no JavaScript JIT compiler or interpreter has to use that trademark in its name, and most don‘t actually (albeit I surely wouldn‘t consider using the trademark for a JavaScript implementation confusing):


    WebKit uses the JavaScriptCore engine (JIT compiler and interpreter), which contains the trademark. As Oracle doesn‘t seem to take offence with that, it‘s unlikely that they would as soon as the JavaScriptCore JIT compiler is created for big-endian PPC32 of all architectures.
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