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    pampers wrote:

    ASiegel wrote:
    @ pampers

    Assuming that the project may still get finished afterall, perhaps the funds and project could be moved to WArMUP bounties?

    I don't mind as long as donors doesn't mind.


    Here is the donor list, can you please tell me which payment is yours and provide me refund details?


    Sounds like the direction to go, Wiktor.
    Considerate of you to take this on one at a time, considering the time you'll have to take and the fact that you're no longer actively engaged in the community.

    And, btw, I for one miss your presence.

    @ Andreas, again, assume what you will.
    I don't know, I know who was, and I'm not asking, and I'm not speculating or making assumptions.

    Frankly, a Java free environment would be preferable to me, rather than one in which Oracle collects licensing payments from everyone for the API of a product it acquired in the purchase of a better company.

    No reliance on Java, Flash, or tightly controlled graphics APIs.
    Its not that I mind reasonable license terms, its the "vulturing" for profit by lazy corporations that bothers me.

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