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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it!


    I am rather clueless on low level programming - but what about using the 128 Bit registers of Altivec/VMX. Would be an Altivec/VMX only JIT then, but there are only very few non Altivec/VMX machines with MorphOS support (IIRC Peg1+e few PegII and Efika).

    Although Altivec has 128 bit registers, it can't deal with 64 bit floating point values, which is an absolute must.


    I don't want to burden Bigfoot with more work, but are you capable of fixing the OWB javascriptcore big endian issue? I understand if you don't have time or if the job is too big, but would you be able to do it if someone put a gun to your head?

    Of course it's possible. It's always just a matter of time.


    This means that the JIT engine addresses the values using the little endian format. On the contrary, for big endian CPUs (like the PPC) the upper 32 bits are located at address and the lower 32 bits at address + 4. When bigfoot is done, we would have a working javascript again, and a JIT one at it... And I am confident that bigfoot is also making sure that either this engine can be merged with upstream WebKit or that at least synch with updated upstream WebKit releases can be performed.

    Mark is of course free to correct me where I am wrong.

    I haven't looked at the current Webkit at all, but any endian problems plaguing the interpreter are unlikely to be the same as the ones that are plaguing the JIT engine. Also, once I have fixed the remaining JIT problems, I will then have lots of work ahead of me merging my changes with newer versions of Webkit/Javascriptcore


    No, it's not. The WebKit JavaScriptCore is the JavaScript interpreter, not the JavaScript JIT compiler bigfoot is working on.

    Actually Javascriptcore is both the interpreter and the JIT engine. However, the problems I'm experiencing are unique to the JIT engine and thus unlikely to be what affects the interpreter in later Webkit versions.
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