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    As a donor I am more than comfortable to keep the money at morphos.pl until the bounty has been fulfilled. Mark is a trustworthy, open and honest developer as can be seen by his answer in this very thread. I think him not expecting to be paid because the work took already 5 times more effort than he expected speaks volume. And pampers attitude as well makes me comfortable to keep it that way.
    From my point of view I would be available to make an additional small contribution instead, if this can help prioritize this work a bit, and in any case I do expect my part of the donation to be given to him when the work is completed anyway. The availability of a JIT JS engine for PPC would probably make the requirement of an additional bounty to fix the javascriptcore endianess bugs in OWB void, so I would instead invite the people discussing that aspect to join this thread and show support to Mark. Who is, after all, one of the few people still around that can solve such problems.

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