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    Nearly 3 years ago Krashan decided to open up a bounty for FLAC support in Reggae. Unfortunately he didn't completed the bounty, he dropped so we still have money to spend.

    I've asked Krashan several times if it's possible to get that bounty done as it was quite close already (progress was posted in this topic: https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?forum=32&topic_id=8807&viewmode=flat&sortorder=0&start=0) and I didn't get definite NO by that time.

    Now, as time flies and I don't want to hold that money any more I would you to decide what to do with the cash. The main problem is that the main donor Fraggle is deceased :( I don't feel in position to speak in behalf of him at all.

    The best option would be if Krashan could finish that bounty so the problem will solve itself and we will get one more functionality in MorphOS. I encourage Krashan to finish the bounty but I understand if he won't. So in case if Krashan won't finish it - what should we do with the money?

    The donors list can be found at:


    If anyone wishes to get his donation back, please drop me a mail or PM and I will
    send his contribution back.
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