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    The project has escalated somewhat to building a computer out of this.
    I figured I have so many different pieces of hardware on my desk anyways so I might as well stuff it all in a box :)
    (mac mini, minimig, kvm switch, usb hub, amiga-to-usb joystick adapters and so on...)

    Currently the Mac is just a bare motherboard sitting on my desk and I am already starting to feel MorphOS withdrawal syndrome.. I am estimating it'll be at least a week or so until I can boot up MorphOS :/
    Mounting holes needs to be drilled in the chassis, cooling needs to be taken care of, and I am waiting for delivery on a 44pin cable for the HDD.

    Nothing much has happened on the minimig and software side as I have been working on the Audio + video output card that will go into the single PCI slot of the chassis. It's pretty much done. It's not pretty, but it does the job :)

    The blog documenting the build progress can be found here:
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