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    Thank you Andreas.

    I downloaded ppunpack and decompressed the lha file, but I didn't find instructions on how to use it to decrunch the files, in the readme files included in the directory.

    Do I run it as command from shell?



    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3zbhom0rlavxn7y/2KCraqrXfV

    I downloaded them and have found the following things:

    1. Both files are PowerPacker-packed (PP20). You should decrunch them using for instance one of the following tools:

    2. The file "mod.AncientStories" is not a classic MOD file but a FastTracker 2 Extended Module file so should be named "AncientStories.xm".

    3. The file "mod.Somewhere_In_Time" is not a classic MOD file but a Scream Tracker 3 Module file so should be named "Somewhere_In_Time.s3m".

    Both file formats XM and S3M can be played with any of the two ANR players "mod.player" and "modplug.player" linked to in a previous posting.

    > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4sttphxwbo0o42r/U_P0rzdr6n

    Your leftmost screenshot (Grab2) shows the "uade123" executable file I talked about in my previous posting. Is this the UADE version which you said you had from Aminet and which I asked for a link for?
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