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    >> On your system, the UADE executable should be System:Applications/AUDIO/UAED/uade.

    > there's exactly where I'm looking for it but there's not executable.

    If you don't have an executable in that path then your UADE installation seems borked. If that's the case you should re-install it, from http://downloads.morph.zone/find.php?find=uade for instance.

    > I downloaded a newer version from Aminte, and the same thing happens after
    > installation...there isn't an executable anywhere.

    Do you have a link to that newer UADE version on Aminet so I can have a look?
    The only newer version I know is this UADE2 one:


    In this version, which isn't on Aminet, the executable file is called "uade123".
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