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    Thank you Andreas.

    I will upload and past a link to Dropbox with a couple of these files when I come back from work today (I'm in California).

    Regarding UAED, there's exactly where I'm looking for it but there's not executable.

    Funny thing is that I downloaded a newer version from Aminte, and the same thing happens after installation...there isn't an executable anywhere.



    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I also downloaded a couple of new mod songs and they play well. But I still can't make
    > the other mod.songname files to play.

    Okay, that very much hints at a problem with your MOD files specifically. But I have no idea what it might be. Maybe you can upload one of those files somewhere and give a link to it so we can try it on our systems with ANR.

    > I haven't been able to try UAED since I haven't figured it out. The colder inside the
    > UAED directory (System:Applications/AUDIO/UAED/Players) only shows tools and
    > not an executable player. I'm sure I'm missing something.

    Indeed. On your system, the UADE executable should be System:Applications/AUDIO/UAED/uade.
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