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    > the project first switched ISA from RISC-V to Power

    Back to the roots it seems:

    "the current plan is that we'll likely switch back to risc-v. […] issues with IBM apparently effectively blocking our proposed additions to PowerISA... […] iirc VCs being more willing to fund RISC-V designs is also an aspect […] it turns out that IBM blocking is not exactly correct, but by that point we already decided... […] though they still are going extremely slowly on some parts (which aren't public afaik)"

    "VISC [...] extends the capabilities of RISC-V [...]. VISC is an accelerated RISC-V microprocessor core [...]. [...] The VISC execution architecture is created as a fully functional stand-alone RISC-V compatible core [...]. [...] RED Semiconductor’s mission is to develop and deliver a new class of algorithmic microprocessor IP optimised for RISC-V [...]."

    "it is a direct copy. […] i taught CALDERWOOD about Simple-V (TM) and how to implement it and apply it to other ISAs. remember we have done *both* RV *and* OpenPOWER, and in private conversations i discussed how i could apply SV to other ISAs. i also told them where to find the original Simple-V RISC-V-based work (sv-spike). LEWIS then came up with the word "VISC" and recently added "TM" after it. the text on that page clearly states "we can apply VISC to other ISAs". in other words they are stealing the Vectorisation technique, known as Simple-V, claiming it is theirs under the term "VISC" and claiming it is Trademarked. […] it's actually *identical* […]."

    "*VISC™ - Versatile Intrinsic Structured Computing* is a hardware concept that has nothing to do with SimpleV, and is something Luke never knew about, mainly as it was a result of our switch to RISC-V and our dropping of SimpleV in favour of a CPU core reconfiguration concept, that tears open the CPU core and redesigns its functionality. It is a clean roomed first concepts hardware design that takes more input from Director telephone systems than anything else. [...] This all happened after Luke ceased to be functional in LibreSOC and RED [...]. Luke is confused as *VISC originally stood for Vector Instruction Set Computing* which we dropped as its meaning as soon as we dropped SimpleV and the whole focus on vectors. Frankly we found something better. We retained the brand word VISC to avoid confusion with customers as we had built our marketing around it and as we had not been explicitly telling anyone its original meaning up to that point."

    (The "we had not been explicitly telling anyone its original meaning up to that point" claim is a blatant lie, as the original meaning was prominently placed at the website homepage for months as well as in public articles.)

    Apparently, the decision to refocus on RISC-V was already arrived at in November 2023, so months before the falling-out:

    Further interesting quotes regarding the falling-out:

    "they have LITERALLY lifted my entire work, […] the entire concept behind Simple-V […], there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is blatant theft."

    "CALDERWOOD and LEWIS […] wrote to the UK Minister for Science Technology and Innovation claiming that they had acted lawfully by taking legal advice on how to seize control of RED Semiconductor Ltd. […] they think they know better, they think they understand (and own) Simple-V, therefore they can make it a success, fact is they don't own it and don't have the skill or knowledge. with them at the helm it is *guaranteed* that they will fuck up or abortionalise Simple-V, jeapordising its chances and destroying its reputation. oh and because they attempted to seize control of NLnet grants despite them flat out *not qualifying* for NLnet grants over EUR 50,000, we cannot continue with future valuable SV research."

    "the wording and concept was precisely what i told CALDERWOOD, including that Simple-V *as a concept* is applicable to multiple ISAs. [...] they intended to steal Simple-V, and to start from the original work back in 2019 then after claiming the *general principle* of Vectorising Scalar ISAs, apply that to future ISAs... which is there *precisely because i was the one that came up with SV and said that it could apply to multiple ISAs*, and was going to work on future ISAs (under Libre-SOC funding, of those two other grants that the EC terminated due to their attempted seizure) it is even documented in the patents that i drafted (and own). it is pure and simple blatant theft. [...] their desire to get money and seize control of everything we've worked on for the past 6 years. thry've lied by omission on multiple occasions because by leaving out actual events they "look like they are within their lawful rights". of *course* they will leave out the criminal aspects of their behaviour because it will result in them being prosecuted and imprisoned. [...] they then proceeded to have a Board Meeting in direct and blatant violation of Company Law seizing control of the company by illegally declaring that i had resigned. [...] i won't go into detail of how many breaches of Company Law they have made, there are so many i still have not worked them all out."

    "they've attempted to seize control of the grants, first seizing control of NGI Search, doing the bare minimum work which is of such atrocious poor quality it brings SVP64 into disrepute. LEWIS asked ZERO QUESTIONS IN FIVE MONTHS during Milestone 2. the "report" was a clusterfuck and i was manipulated into massaging it, as a means to get money from NGI Search by deception of the Mentor on presentation and review of the Milestone. then they attempted to seize control of the NLnet grants, in such an alarming way that the EC has TERMINATED our funding. this when they were still attempting to also seize control of the Simple-V Trademark by aliasing [...]. then they attempted to seize control of the FOSDEM schedule by inserting talks with zero public discussion at the last minute, *after* the schedule had been finalised. i had to spell out publicly exactly what they were doing and despite every word being truthful and factual they spread the word that they intended to sue me for libel [...]. [...] on the 15th jan, [...] they held a Board Meeting WITHOUT following Company Law, at which they first increased share allocation to over 50% for themselves then AT THE VERY SAME MEETING utilised that larger share percentage to get me "resigned" as a Director, in direct and blatant violation of the procedure that is required to be followed, on MULTIPLE counts. [...] it was nine weeks ago now that their attacks escalated, [...] and i realised that based on what they had placed on the public-facing website they gave the impression of seeking to seize control of everything we've developed. [...] these are manipulative dangerous people, whose aggressive actions have resulted in the total destruction of our reputation with the EC, our funding bodies NGI Search and NLnet, termination of future grant funding, loss of FOUR team members [...] - all in a few short months. [...] i am now *forced* into the position of only doing things that i enjoy. i used to love working on Simple-V, because it is beautiful and elegant and powerful. but CALDERWOOD and LEWIS's pathological destructive and manipulative behaviour has been so devastating that i am too distressed to do *any work at all*, now. [...] the fact that we are REQUIRED to operate PUBLICLY and TRANSPARENTLY, as a FOSS project, to ensure users can trust us, places us at a massive disadvantage of providing "ammunition" to be used against us (due to the threat of a libel court case) if we talk, and thus intimidating us into *not* talking [...]."

    "the project is under attack by two directors of RED Semiconductor Ltd, CALDERWOOD and LEWIS. i am currently resolving this […]. […] due to stalking, harrassment and attempted seizure of grant funding as well as IP by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS i have had to call a freeze on certain categories of development, to protect the project from exploitation. *hopefully* i should be able to get these psychotic people arrested for their violent crimes, soon, which will stop their harrassment and stalking dead in its tracks, and restore the project's reputation with our funding bodies. […] it's a pretty unique situation, likely the first time in FOSS history that a FOSS project has had members subjected to violent criminal assault as part of the attempts to seize assets, funding and control."

    "if they're attempting "something new" then […] why the fucking hell did they seize control of NGI Search, forcibly insert FOSDEM talks at the last minute with zero discussion or public consultation, attempt seizure of NLnet Grant applications with such violent aggressive language that the EC has TERMINATED Libre-SOC funding applications and made it clear no further ones will be heard, not make any efforts *at all* to apologise for the destruction and devastation they've caused, not reached out to Mediation after *five* separate offers, […] and why did they seize control of my company by criminal means […]? […] the answer is real simple: money."

    "why the fuck have we not received an apology for the devastation and total destruction of the project's funding, loss of four members, and much more? with a new concept they should have started an entirely new company, not attempted to seize control of Libre-SOC research and grant funding."

    "Luke Leighton was a Director of RED Semiconductor Ltd and had to be removed under our duty of responsibilities and care as company Directors to protect our staff from abuse by him. I have fully disclosed this information to Companies House, to their satisfaction, as he has previously tried to cause a problem by trying to get them to action his vengeance. […] The accusations are the fabrication of a deranged mind and we have nothing to hide. The situation is fully documented.[…] To date the Police, the Southampton Health Trust, HM Government (DSIT), Companies House, NGI Search and NLnet – EU funding bodies, and others have all told him that he is not being truthful, and in his words are “not listening”."

    "RED's bank balance dropped to only around GBP 2,000 towards the end of... december? it was necessary to deceive NGI Search, and coerce me into making NLnet RFPs,in order to ensure that RED did not go insolvent. i was the *only* source of funds, and the meeting of january 15th was the last straw when LEWIS was verbally abusive, not listening and being aggressive, instead of hearing what i was attempting desperately to get over to them, that i could not continue to fund RED from Libre-SOC research funds, and needed RED's two employees to do more to fulfil RFPs. one employee was helping (Shriya) the other (MIROSHNIKOV) was a total nightmare with serious psychological issues including OCD and various addictions. (he was the one that tampered with the financial records in october, forcing an emergency Financial Audit)."

    "LEWIS spoke with Brian at FOSDEM2024, the Mediator appointed by NLnet. This was a private conversation where Brian passed his confidential opinion of LEWIS to NLnet and no other party. […] Brian's Mediation requests have gone unanswered. Following FOSDEM2024 I was contacted by NLnet and we were informed of the termination of the Nov 2023 grants worth EUR 185,000 and that all future EU grant funding would automatically be rejected and dismissed, summarily, by the EC. […] Bob Goudriaan's reminder of the Mediation request outstanding has also gone unanswered. […] when I specifically asked Brian, approximately six(?) weeks ago if he has received a response, he explicitly (privately) confirmed that he has not received a response to the Mediation request."

    Edit: added some more quotes

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