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    > Libre-SOC project lead and Technical Director of RED Semiconductor

    There seems to be some severe falling-out between him and RED Semiconductor, rendering him being no longer involved with the company:

    "RED Semiconductor Ltd's Directors have [...] removed me from the Board of Directors despite being a majority shareholder, have withdrawn resources that severely compromise Libre-SOC's ability to fulfil its EU Grant funded work, and as a result violated the Libre-SOC Charter which *as a company* they have not agreed to because it was only through me in my dual capacity as Founder and former Director of RED, combined with Founder and Team Lead of Libre-SOC, that they had two-way access to Libre-SOC resources. with James Lewis (CEO) instructing employees to focus exclusively on RED Semiconductor interests, to the detriment of Libre-SOC research and grant funded work, it is abundantly clear that RED Semiconductor Ltd intends to use FOSDEM as a means and method of recruiting people who would otherwise be interested in working on FOSS and on Libre-SOC work, where for the past 5 years we have had extreme difficulty finding anyone, because the level of technical difficulty is so high that anyone with the right skillset can earn 5 to 8 times more money than is available from NLnet EU Grant funding."

    "RED Semiconductor Ltd Directors, CALDERWOOD and LEWIS, […] have made a false declaration to Companies House that i "resigned" on 16th January 2023 from the company that i founded. […] they have hijacked NGI Search EU grant funding, destroyed morale in my team, we have lost two team members, i have had to put on hold inviting potential team members i was planning to contact […]. […] NLnet's Director Bob Goudriaan informed us that the European Commission […] was so alarmed by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS's efforts to seize control of EU grants that they told NLnet that our two NLnet Grant applications totalling EUR 185,000 are summarily terminated, and that all future EU grant applications by Libre-SOC will be immediately rejected. i was also unable to travel to FOSDEM24 to give presentations, as they also attempted to hijack our Devroom, inserting sub-standard talks with zero consultation or discussion at the last minute. i was able, barely, to get the sub-standard talks removed, […] but the permanent damage caused to my project, and the team's morale, as well as my standing with FOSDEM, is incalculable. they have also completely ignored NLnet's Mediator (Brian), whom i was allocated by NLnet to help get them under control, after such severe violations of our Charter […]."

    "Luke […] has to understand there is a limit and to protect ourselves we will have to take legal action […]. […] we were legally required remove Luke from our company for breaches of the Companies and Employment Acts due to his dangerous and threatening behaviour towards other staff […]. […] We have legally defended our position when he tried to steal a grant application made in our name, which NLnet confirmed by suspending Luke's/LibreSOC's ability to raise new grants, however we are entitled to protect ourselves from theft. […] Luke […] had over six months of formal warnings from three different directors of the company about his behaviour, and was dismissed lawfully when he failed to change his behaviour. Even then we offered him a full Technical Consultancy, equivalent remuneration and retaining his shares, but outside the company rather than as an employee, which he refused."

    "we met and discussed at some length with Brian (the mediator) at FOSDEM, with Mirko, Bob and Michiel over the two days. Brian had already concluded, given Lukes postings […], there was no possibility of mediation given Lukes state of mind, and Luke subsequently falsely stating publicly that Michiel had acted in an unethical manner has I suspect only reinforced that view. Mediation is all about re-engaging, and we do not wish to re-engage and even if we were inclined to do so we legally cannot. Other members of RED would take legal action against us for failing to protect them from Luke’s assaults and abuse. Luke is under the impression that our actions were malicious, that we are at fault and we should reverse everything we have done. Quite the opposite, removing Luke has severely hampered us and required us to clean room our development work, which is now travelling a completely different path. Having said that we are now beyond where we would have been with Luke as part of the team. I am happy to share this with you at a future date. Brian agreed that you cannot mediate a lawful act under criminal statute and that we had acted properly, given Lukes behaviour and the evidence he could see of it continuing. Regardless Luke stopping posting slanderous and defamatory post requires no mediation to achieve unless it is done by a judge in a court of law […]. We are already disengaged and, beyond where we have to take legal action to defend ourselves, we have already stated we want nothing more to do with Luke. […] Luke is lying on just about everything to avoid facing up to the reality of the situation he has brought upon himself. Luke by his behaviour is continuing to force our hand and just as we acted to remove him from the company, we will take the next legal steps to protect ourselves."

    "when discussing the vast amount of funds i was expected to pour into the company to pay myself and **TWO** employees salaries (GBP 8,000) after i had specifically warned the Directors well over six months prior that i was unable to do work due to RAYMOND's abuse, and that there would be a "black hole" in the finances that they needed to help cover by finding Grant or other money, CALDERWOOD intimidated me into putting NLnet Grant RFPs in RED Semiconductor's name instead of mine [...]. [...] i had no idea that CALDERWOOD could turn so dangerous. if i had known i would never have invited him to be the Chairman of RED Semiconductor Ltd. it is he himself who explained to me that it is the Chairman who holds all the power in a Company. [...] i suspect that CALDERWOOD and LEWIS are being advised that they can seize control of our work without seeking either Trademark or Patent Licenses, or worse that as "compensation" for what they believe is Libel [...] they can seize control of all of the NLnet Grant funded work of the past six years. that would be absolutely catastrophic for us because it is in direct violation of NLnet's "Works for the Public Good" mandate to have Corporations control 100% of the Copyright, Trademarks and Patents [...]."

    "All went well until […] he was becoming dangerously abusive to other staff members combined with other problems he was removed for violations of the The Companies Act and Employment Legislation. In short we had a duty of care to the other employees […] behaviour. He has not taken this well and has been openly slanderous and libellous about his former colleagues. […] Acting was very hard but we could not avoid dealing with his behaviour which was becoming physically abusive to other members of staff. He was sacked. […] he was removed for gross misconduct and abusing his legal position as a director."

    "a release date of the Simple-V specification is delayed indefinitely pending resolution of the harrassment, Coercive Controlling Behaviour and stalking by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS as Directors of my hijacked company, RED Semiconductor Ltd. this means that whilst Trademark Licenses may be sought, any commercial licensees need to be aware that the date when they may put out commercial silicon is now unknown, pending resolution of the damage done to myself and the team, by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS. CALDERWOOD and LEWIS have been notifed multiple times of the route by which resolution is to be achieved, should they choose to do so. i have received *no word* from NLnet's mediator, Brian. additionally Denton's were informed that CALDERWOOD and LEWIS are not automatically granted Trademark or Patent Rights, and that they have sought neither in any communication of any kind."

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