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    >>> Seems the CP1 has been renamed the HX-C1000.

    >> Like that one is essentially a Chinese POWER8, I guess
    >> the new HX-C2000 is essentially a Chinese POWER9.

    > Interesting turn of events! All of a sudden POWER based chips are popping
    > out all over the place. ;-) Or more like - are going to pop out next year.

    That's a little exaggerated, I'd say ;-)
    Btw, I have to correct my assumption that Hexin's HX-C2000 is POWER9. It's still essentially POWER8 like the HX-C1000, but with PCIe upgraded from v3 to v5, memory upgraded from DDR4 (via Centaur) to DDR5 (directly connected) and other upgrades/changes to the core and "uncore":


    So in essence, it's a modified/improved POWER8 (but still no POWER9 or higher) combined with Power10-level on-chip controllers.
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