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    > Statement on PowerPi by the Libre-SOC project lead and
    > Technical Director of RED Semiconductor: […]
    > https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2023/03/msg00014.html
    > I'm not really sure what to make of this.

    POWERπ got mentioned as ongoing project at EuroBSDCon 2023 by the Chair of the OpenPOWER Foundation's Technical Steering Committee:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj4Q-m_WEh0 (4:25 and 32:03)

    - open source (whatever that means)
    - dual-core
    - 500 EUR target price (up from 150 USD, see comment #213)

    More interesting points from this presentation:
    - Raptor will announce Power10-based hardware very soon (at 3:52 and 41:30)
    - Microsoft will manufacture hardware based on Power ISA v3.1 / Power10 (Huh?)
    - plan for workstations for 1000…1500 EUR target price (at 24:32 and 31:26)
    - something called "PowerSBC" (which is apparently different from POWERπ)
    - Single Board Computers (same as above?) in 2024/2025 (at 31:34)

    (There're also many pure nonsense claims in this talk like the e6500-based PowerPC notebook project being Power ISA v3.1 (instead of v2.06), or IBM having been the only manufacturer of Power-based CPUs in the past, or POWER being from the 1960s, or going PPC64LE (2013/2014) and making the ISA royalty-free (2019/2020) happening at the same time, or new compliancy subsets starting with ISA v3.1 (instead of v3.0C), or OpenPOWER microcontroller systems currently being available.)
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