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    > of course, also this significant event doesn't come without
    > some dubious statements from the project lead:
    > "Libre-SOC […] is the first wholly-independent Power ISA ASIC
    > outside of IBM to go Silicon in 12 years." […]
    > He tried again and failed once more:
    > "our […] test ASIC […] is […] the world's first Power ISA 3.0 [ASIC]
    > outside of IBM to reach Silicon in over 12 years."

    Seems that whenever he has not the slightest clue when it was that something happened or became available, he claims it was (over) 12 years ago:

    "what has been developed […] is the biggest upgrade to the Power ISA since Motorola's VLE Book of over 12 years ago"

    Book VLE was officially added to the Power ISA with v2.03 in 2006, so 17 years ago (and then completely deleted from it with ISA v3.0 in 2015). The VLE instruction set itself (as well as processors implementing it) was even available from several years earlier than that, as extension to Book E.
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