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    > Looks like the RED Semiconductor company has been established
    > for the purpose of commercializing the Libre-SOC technology:
    > https://www.redsemiconductor.com

    Several press releases from RED Semiconductor:

    "Augmenting the OpenPOWER ISA first developed by IBM, RED Semiconductor is using the draft SVP64 implementation of Vector+1 to design a family of new microprocessors to be marketed as their Vantage family, of which the first device a 2-core will be the Vantage-Luna."
    https://redsemiconductor.com/libre-soc-red-semiconductor-announce-partnership/ (January 3, 2022)

    "Extending the POWER ISA first developed by IBM, RED Semiconductor is using the Libre-SOC Draft SVP64 implementation of Vector+1 to design its ‘Vantage’ family of new microprocessors which will be marketed globally for high performance computing applications. "
    https://redsemiconductor.com/red-semiconductor-joined-the-openpower-foundation/ (September 30, 2022)

    "RED Semiconductor is working with industry partners to accelerate the implementation of a 1-core ‘Vantage’ cipher-accelerator microprocessor chipset [...]. Planned for first-customer shipments in early 2024, the ‘Vantage1’ chip will be targeted at data security and privacy applications [...]."
    https://redsemiconductor.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/red-semiconductor-chacha20-cipher-performance-1.pdf (page 4; November 10, 2022)

    And from the homepage:
    "Supporting native Power ISA and translated x86 and ARM instructions, SVP64 will enable developers to break free from the constraints of traditional processing platforms, with a rapid conversion to SVP64 hardware and code architecture. [...] Advanced microprocessor chip-set optimized for OS-based compute-intensive applications: - Initial 2 and 8 core variants will scale to 1k+ cores"

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