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    > Looks like the RED Semiconductor company has been established
    > for the purpose of commercializing the Libre-SOC technology:
    > https://www.redsemiconductor.com

    "The processor [...] will be able to run x86 code in native mode thanks to emulation capabilities, according to David Calderwood, chairman of the company. [...] The x86 emulation capability may be the result of technology that came to IBM when it acquired Transitive Corp. in 2008."

    Wait, "native mode" or "emulation", which one is it? If the former, I'm not sure the actual developers of the CPU are aware of this capability announced by the company chairman. The article author's reference to long-abandoned, 32-bit-only QuickTransit/PowerVM Lx86, which is probably pulled out of thin air, implies a purely software-based emulation, in which case I'm not sure what this would have to do with the actual CPU design. Furthermore, I doubt that IBM would grant free use of this technology.
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