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    > POWER10

    Seems it will be Power10 instead of POWER10:


    …which in my humble opinion is a stupid decision for the following reason:
    So far, Power has been (since superseding PowerPC in 2006) the name of the instruction set architecture (ISA), while POWER has been the name of IBM's line of server CPU microarchitectures (POWER1…9, with POWER3…5 implementing PowerPC ISA and POWER5+…9 implementing Power ISA). This means that so far, the (non-)capitalization of the word can be used for distinction between ISA and microarchitecture. With Power10, this will be no more. The ISA and the IBM server CPU microarchitecture will both go by the very same name: Power. So what will be the correct answer to the question whether 440/460/470, A2, e200, e500, e5500, e6500, PA6T or any of the new (soft)cores discussed in this thread are Power? Well, it will depend on what the questioner has in mind, making room for misunderstandings. The correct answer will be 'yes' for Power [ISA], but it will be 'no' for Power [microarchitecture].
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