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    > Schedule:
    > - 2020 "shuttle smoketest" tapeout of 180nm (TSMC) embedded-class
    > single-core chip, OOO, pipelined
    > - 2021 commercial single-core or quad-core (information are conflicting
    > here) chip with GPU
    > - 2022 commercial 0.8-1.0 GHz quad-core chip with GPU (25-50 GFLOPS),
    > 1080p25 video, VPU, DDR SDRAM controller, SERDES, UART, LPC,
    > JTAG, GPIO, 3 watts power consumption

    Most recent Libre-SOC schedule from the mission statement:
    - 12/2020: "demo" of 180nm single-core dual-issue 64-bit QFP chip, saleable in the "Embedded" space
    - later: 800 MHz quad-core dual-issue SoC with 4-wide FP32, hybrid CPU/GPU/VPU
    - even later: addition of an ML inference core


    Even more recent schedule from the business plan:
    - Q2/2021: 130nm test chip (Google/SkyWater MPW shuttle program)
    - Q4/2021: 180nm QFP SoC
    - Q2/2022: 28nm or 20nm quad-core SoC for BMC and SBC use; USB-C and PCIe host/device controllers, i.e. also usable as peripheral GPU
    - Q2/2023: then-latest process node; targetting smartphones, netbooks, tablets, IoT and IPTV

    Seems the previous schedule got delayed by some months.

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