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    Well, it would look better to be associated with the designers behind a successful ISA (68K), instead of one that in my opinion was a misstep by Motorola (88K).

    Funny how their probable real legacy is a design that drove Motorola to IBM's door.

    And why they mention the CDC 6600 is anyone's guess, since that's so old that it isn't likely that anything related to it is terribly relevant.

    Edit - Except for maybe trying to co-opt history, consider the significance of the processor. Appears to be the earliest implementation of silicon transistors. And three times faster than competing IBM designs.

    One thing is for certain, this guy knows his history, and where to try to catch an updraft from.

    But laying claim to 68K and 6600 heritage, while your design help is coming from an 88K designer (a design that failed to scale well), its pretty deceptive.

    I'd agree with Red, he appears to be outright lying.

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