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    >> Interesting new project called Libre-SOC: [...]
    >> Details: https://libre-soc.org/openpower/

    > New information from the company behind Libre-SOC:
    > https://systemeslibres.org
    > https://systemeslibres.org/updates/just-incorporated/
    > https://systemeslibres.org/updates/code_to_tapeout/

    Project to be presented at XDC 2020 in September:


    Some questionable statements from the description:

    "The core processor design [...] is to be an augmented POWER9 compliant design"

    Libre-SOC surely isn't to be a POWER9-compliant design, let alone an augmented one. It is, just like POWER9, to be a PowerISAv3-compliant design.

    "This [...] project [...] is also based on [...] the CDC 6600. With help from Mitch Alsup, the designer of the Motorola 68000, it has been possible to upgrade the 6600 core to multi-issue and precise exceptions with no architectural compromises."

    According to that web page, Alsup is a designer of the ill-fated 88k, not of any 68k. The 68k designers are listed as:

    68000: Stritter, Zolnowsky, Gunter, Leitch, Shustek, Tredennick, Crudele, McAlister, Crisp, Spak, Lee
    68010: Zolnowsky, MacGregor
    68020: Moyer, Mothersole, Zolnowsky, MacGregor
    68030: Boney, MacGregor, Moyer, Lamb, Vegesna, Rupp
    68040: Shahan
    68060: Circello

    Edit: slides available, fortunately without the above-mentioned claims

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