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    > Power ISA 3.0b published in March 2017:
    > https://openpowerfoundation.org/?resource_lib=power-isa-version-3-0
    > Significant quote from Power ISA 3.0 spec: [...]
    > Updated quote from Power ISA 3.0b spec: [...]
    > Funny thing to say that Power ISA 3.0 "continues" or "focuses" the
    > integration of PowerPC ISA and Book E ISA, when in fact it essentially
    > *reverts* this integration by eliminating the parts that Book E ISA
    > had brought into it.

    At OpenPOWER Summit EU 2019, IBM director and OpenPOWER president Mendy Furmanek completely misrepresented the fate of the Book E ISA ("PowerPC Embedded") components within OpenPOWER Foundation's Power ISA 3.0+:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufBtrGJVF6g (5:40-6:40)

    Not only does she unjustifiably give credit to the OpenPOWER Foundation for the integration of PowerPC ISA and Book E ISA when in fact it was Power.org that accomplished this 7 years earlier in 2006, she also fully ignores that what OpenPOWER actually did 4 years ago with the release of its Power ISA 3.0 was essentially reverting this integration by eliminating the former Book E ISA components.
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