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    redrumloa schrieb:
    Yes, yes it has. It doesn't have the nostalgia feel of using an original keyboard and looking at a crt monitor with scanlines, but for functionality and speed it easily overtook Amiga-68k. Heck, I have an Amiga 500 with Vampire v2. It is great! It cannot run Payback as well or as fast as WinUAE. Even if you had an A4000T with CSPPC and Voodoo3 3000, it would not run Payback as fast as WinUAE.

    In WinUAE you can dial in any settings needed. You can literally run any software ever made for the Amiga. Real hardware is not as fortunate. Sideways and backwards compatibility was never an Amiga strong suit.

    Of course I do know and use WinUAE from time to time. Everybody does. ;-) My point is not much about nostalgia here, it's about WinUAE slowing down a lot if you use Full Chipset Emulation and some cycle exact timings and/or MMU emulation. The config imitating my A1200/030 sometimes is actually slower than the real A1200.

    But that's ok as I don't use it regularly. Software/Games which depend mostly on the CPU and/or use a RTG screen will undoubtedly get a great speed boost from WinUAE. That of course is a big plus for anybody using such software, but does not matter much for me, 'cause WinUAE can get slow in my use cases and I am too lazy to switch configs and reboot. ;-)
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