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    ppcamiga1 wrote:
    commodity hardware? No problem IF Morphos will be not a shit compared to Windows/macOS/Linux.
    Amiga gui and graphics on top of unix is ok, everything else no.

    Repeating yourself over and over again will not change the fact that it appears that no one here on MorphZone, and more importantly, none of the MorphOS Dev. Team members, agrees with your ideas of keeping only the Amiga GUI and graphics on top of UNIX, as the path forward for MorphOS.

    I hope that the MorphOS Dev. Team can keep only the best parts of our current version of MorphOS, and throw away all the rest of the Amiga legacy limitations, while creating a brand new OS that is clearly better than anything else available on the home desktop computer. Figuring out how to provide drivers for hardware seems to be one of the hardest things to solve, and that is the reason I have suggested some kind of integration with the Linux kernel, or any other kernel, that can provide ongoing driver support by others outside of the MorphOS Dev. Team, that can also be used within the next generation of MorphOS. That would free up time for the MorphOS Dev. Team members to focus on the rest of the OS, but of course I'm not a developer, so I don't know how difficult any of my suggestions might be to implement into MorphOS for x64.

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