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    connor wrote:
    The details are impressive and the price is very good compared to X5000. I would like to see MorphOS on that.

    Maybe you should contact the company making those boards and ask if they would offer a discount for a volume purchase of 50 or 100, and how much that discount would be. Then of course you would need a commitment from the MorphOS Dev Team for porting MorphOS to that board & CPU, and finally, you would need to find 50 to 100 existing MorphOS users who would give you their money for the purchase price, so they could not back out of the deal later and leave you with the possibility of cancelling the deal, or trying to come up with the money missing, from any people who changed their minds during the production process.

    Not likely to get the MorphOS Dev. Team to agree to such a port, but maybe if you and the group interested in buying such expensive motherboards and CPU's would also have enough money to purchase 3 or 4 extra boards to donate to the MorphOS Dev. Team, as payment for doing the port of MorphOS to your desired hardware.

    Again, not likely to happen.
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