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    redrumloa wrote:
    Now this is something I'd consider dropping some serious scratch on for PPC, if we were staying PPC. A much, much better value than A-Eonkit's offerings.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > Raptor Engineering Inc. pre-announces Talos, an OpenPOWER ATX workstation
    > mainboard for 3100 USD. [...]
    > http://www.raptorengineeringinc.com/TALOS/prerelease.php

    Reduced to 3000 USD.

    > Main specs: [...]
    > http://www.raptorengineeringinc.com/TALOS/prerelease_specs.php

    mPCIe, eSATA3 and more SATA3 ports added. New main specs are:

    - 1x 8-core POWER8 (10 and 12 cores as options)
    - 8x DDR3 RDIMM slot
    - 2x PCIe x16
    - 4x PCIe x8
    - 1x mPCIe x1
    - 1x PCI
    - 8x SATA3
    - 2x eSATA3
    - 8x USB3
    - 2x GbE
    - 1x HDMI

    If it will feature also a M.2 port for system native SSD HD, it will be really awesome!
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