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    > "At the center of China’s emerging OpenPOWER-based ecosystem is CP1, the first
    > POWER chip for the China market, from a Chinese chip design company named
    > PowerCore. The first China OpenPOWER system with CP1 will come to market this year.
    > CP1 will be utilized by Zoom Netcom for a new line of servers called RedPower,
    > the first China OpenPOWER two-socket system coming to market in 2015."
    > http://openpowerfoundation.org/press-releases/openpower-foundation-technology-leaders-unveil-hardware-solutions-to-deliver-new-server-alternatives/
    > http://openpowersummit2015.tumblr.com/factsheet

    "Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co., Ltd. announced general availability of CP1, the first POWER chip for the China market [...]. Customers may begin placing orders today."

    PowerCore press release:
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