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    > PowerCore, I don't recognize that one. Any info?

    "At the center of China’s emerging OpenPOWER-based ecosystem is CP1, the first POWER chip for the China market, from a Chinese chip design company named PowerCore. The first China OpenPOWER system with CP1 will come to market this year. CP1 will be utilized by Zoom Netcom for a new line of servers called RedPower, the first China OpenPOWER two-socket system coming to market in 2015."

    "Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co. Ltd plans to deliver working versions of its CP1 (below) this summer. It will come in 8-, 10 and 12-core versions, each with a 64K data cache and 32K instruction cache. Like the IBM chip, the CP1 has 96MB of L3 cache, 115GB/s memory bandwidth and can support 32 lanes of PCIe 3.0."

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