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    >> SP010GM2NR reference board now available from Tyan as complete system
    >> (Palmetto GN70-BP010)

    > Would that computer be even remotely useful in a MorphOS context, hypothetically?
    > [...] all components must nevertheless be port friendly to be useful to us.

    Apart from the POWER8 "Turismo" and accompanying Centaur chip from IBM, according to http://www.tyan.com/manuals/SP010_QIG_v1%200.pdf the major on-board peripheral controllers are these:

    - SATA3: Marvell 88SE9235
    - USB3: TI TUSB7340
    - GbE: Broadcom BCM5718

    Given that Ubuntu Linux is the recommended OS for this board/system, there should be open source drivers.
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