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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Be interesting to see what they come up with and more importantly, the price.

    Somehow, I find the existing ATX reference board more interesting than whatever server boards may come, even though there seem to be only 2 expansion slots on it.

    I suspect they'll be remarkably similar.

    What they really need to do is cost reduce the POWER8 chip.
    It currently has a set of high speed interconnects that are there for connecting to other POWER8 chips. They are completely useless on that board.

    Cut those off and you could put the memory busses on chip (they're currently on a North bridge).
    That would cost less and save a load of power in the process.

    I suspect you may see this happen but it'll likely be a year or two away.

    BTW I was wrong about the cache. It's 96MB (!) on chip and a further 128MB on the north bridge.
    I forgot how much of a monster that thing is!
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