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    >> It'll be very interesting to see what Tyan bring out. You might finally see a sensibly
    >> priced POWER system.

    > I think Tyan wil be making POWER server boards rather than PowerPC workstation boards.

    Yes, seems so:

    "The OpenPOWER Foundation [...] today took its first steps to deliver transformative system designs based on IBM’s new POWER8 processor. At the Open Innovation Summit today [...] the Foundation showed the first reference board and OEM systems [...]. [...] At the summit, the OpenPOWER Foundation presented its first white box server details including a development and reference design from Tyan, and firmware and operating system developed by IBM, Google, and Canonical. [...] IBMnoted it will be deploying systems leveraging this OpenPOWER hardware and software stack in Softlayer later this year."

    Excellent article with a picture of Tyan's POWER8 reference board in ATX form factor:

    "At the Open Innovation Summit event [...], the foundation showed off the first reference system board based on Power8 chips [...]. The very first thing that the foundation had to do was create a reference server board that OpenPower Foundation members could use to build and test software. MacKean admitted that it looked a bit like “something you would get at Fry’s,” referring to the famous electronics chain headquartered in San Jose. MacKean said the reference board would have a lower cost than developers and system builders were used to seeing for something with as much performance as this board packs. Chuck Barlett, worldwide technical support director for Tyan, said at the summit that this ATX form factor motherboard will be sold to software developers and to whitebox server makers, hyperscale datacenter operators who design their own systems, as well as to IBM for future systems. Moreover, IBM and Tyan are donating the specifications of the reference system to the OpenPower Foundation and members will have access to it and be able to use it to make customizations of their own. [...] Motherboard maker Tyan is creating its own system boards, which other server makers will be able to buy to create Power8-based machines [...]."

    Another two articles by the same author:

    "The feeds and speeds of the board were not made available, but we can take a gander at it and make some assumptions. As you can see, it has one processor socket and it looks like it has two Ethernet controllers on the motherboard. My guess is that they are 10 Gb/sec ports because there is no way a slower speed is going to make sense. I am not sure what the port is to the right of the two LAN ports, and that looks like a keyboard and video ports on the far right of the top edge of the board. The Power8 reference board has four memory slots [...]. To the left of the processor, that looks like one x16 and one x8 PCI-Express slot. The reference board appears to have four SATA ports and the regular power connectors. [...] Bartlett said that Tyan would be selling this board as the basis of systems for software developers to port existing code or create new code. Tyan is also going to make whitebox servers based on this system and these will be targeted at IBM customers as well as hyperscale datacenter operators looking for Power8 alternatives to Xeon E5 and E7 processors. Perhaps more importantly, Tyan and IBM are donating the specifications of the reference motherboard to the OpenPower Foundation so that other members can use them to create their own motherboards and systems. Tyan did not provide availability dates for the board, but MacKean said that it would cost less than developers and system makers might expect."

    "Chuck Bartlett, worldwide technical support director for Tyan, said last week that its Power8 motherboard will be sold to software developers so they can test their code and that it will also be made available to whitebox server makers, hyperscale datacenter operators who design their own systems, and to IBM for future systems. IBM and Tyan have agreed to donate the specifications of the reference system to the OpenPower Foundation, which means that members will have access to the specs so they can make customizations of their own. The Tyan reference board is called the SP010 and a spokesperson for Tyan says that this is a tentative name for the board and adds that it is aimed at small and medium businesses, virtualization, and data analytics. The SP010 has one single-chip module (SCM) variant of the Power8 processor, which, by the way, we learned is code-named “Turismo.” The Tyan board has four DDR3 memory slots, four 6 Gb/sec SATA peripheral connectors, two USB 3.0 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces, and keyboard and video. The ATX board measures 12 inches by 9.6 inches, which means it can easily fit in a standard rack or tower server."

    Edit: added more articles

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