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    - Move MUI global settings from the desktop menu to the prefs panel (under User interface).

    I agree, I think you should be able to reach everything (setting-wise) from the prefs panel. And maybe those other "settings" could be merged together in some way?
    From recent posts here on MZ it seems like some new people easily gets confused by the current scheme.

    I do think accessing the screenbar settings is a bit obscure, esp for new users, and I'd probably merge that into the Ambient settings. Considering Ambient as a program, then it's logical that it's own settings and it's own MUI settings are available through it's own menus, in convention with other programs.

    I'm not sure where else the 'System' Settings could go and still be obviously accessible.


    There is a new panel system coming, Kronos presented it at the Bad Bramstedt meeting. It's in this video, right after his Steam Draw presentation:


    Looks cool if you ask me!

    They do look good! (And just after I'd finally got the current panels set up how I like them). :-)

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