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    -multicore support (something like what Krashan described, perhaps even some special threads without pointer based message passing that run in the Q-Box as separate tasks)
    -Ambient window plugins to be able to have something like TortoiseCVS/SVN/GIT that adds a small image to icons.
    -Accelerated Cairo (perhaps through an OpenGL based OpenVG implementation like Shiva)

    once it's ported to G5:
    1.-Drivers running on QBox and ABox using some kind of wrapper for drivers (A generic gfx driver, sound driver, network driver... real stuff inside QBox)
    2.-64bit version (incompatible with 32bits, supporting various GB of ram)
    3.-Ability to launch various boxes (e.g. main 64 bit one running in parallel with a compatible 32bit box)
    4.-Communication between boxes
    5.-Native port of QBox to X64, running hosted on top of Linux for example before it runs natively.
    6.-Port of ABox to X64
    7.-Running full PowerPC ABox emulated on top of a PowerPC emulator for X64 (SheepShaver for example).
    8.-MorphOS release for X64.
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